The company has been active since 2000; it was founded by marine biologists experts in the field of aquaculture and applied environmental research.


Chlamys deals with the design of fish and shellfish production units in offshore environment.

  • • Identification of suitable areas for aquaculture
  • • Siting of new plants
  • • Offshore mariculture
  • • Impacts on the environment
  • • Synergies with renewable energy plants


CHLAMYS has designed and installed several offshore cage farms; has carried out research on behalf of public and private entities, partecipating to several italian research projects and to some influential EU FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects. To date, the company is active in Europe and North Africa.


The company was launched in 2000 and founded by marine biologists experts in the field of aquaculture and applied environmental research. The founders, on the basis of their background matured within different productive realities of the sector, understood how marine aquaculture companies could have strong needs for highly specialized services in the sector of technological advancement of production processes and environmental sustainability. From this point of view, the initial intuition turned out to be particularly happy, as in the following years these issues found a wide response in the requests of companies, thus fostering widespread awareness of the need for sustainable production from an environmental point of view. Over the years, Chlamys has developed an intense activity in the field of offshore aquaculture, both for the previous experience of the founders, and for the relevance of the technological challenges posed by a field still in great development today.


To date, CHLAMYS has gathered a considerable experience in the design and installation of offshore production units and represents a technological benchmark point for the offshore production of fish in on-gowing units. Its design activity has also been integrated by the careful assessment of sites carrying capacity, in a broad ecological sense, in order to easy obtaining the leased areas and to carry out the subsequent necessary monitoring to keep a high standard of environmental compatibility of the marine productions. CHLAMYS has also used its knowledge within the field of applied research, performing its services for public and and research bodies. CHLAMYS has applied its expertise in fish nutrition, feed contamination and in welfare assessment of farmed fish. The solid attitude to the scientific investigation and the development of innovative technologies directly derived from this has led CHLAMYS over the years to take part to several research projects.


Today Chlamys is at the forefront in the sector of new technologies applied to offshore aquaculture, and is carrying out an intense effort to link those already applied in the traditional sectors of the exploitation of marine resources (Oil & Gas, renewable energy) and aquaculture in offshore. For years it has participated, within various European research projects, in the theoretical and applied development of multifunction offshore platforms, which integrate cutting-edge solutions in the fields of renewable energy, automation, maritime surveillance and offshore mariculture. These design developments pose challenges never faced up to now, in a world context where the demand for high quality food for a growing population is steadily increasing, and where the spaces necessary for mass production must be sought far from possible conflicts with other uses of the sea, at the border or outside national territorial waters. These constraints impose the use of technologies developed for environmental context adverse to humans, but favourable to the development of new solutions hitherto unimagined.